What are prompt recipes? Hashtags?

Recipes are prompt templates, a way to save time when creating different styles. In a sense, they work similarly to Instagram Filters, except that they’re a lot more powerful and anyone in the community can create one, and share it.


A recipe contains trigger words, positive and negative prompts, a concept, steps, sampler, and resolution or aspect ratio. However, if any of those parameters are specified at the time of prompting, they override what is default in the recipe.

It is an experimental feature that is being beta tested right now, but do feel free to play with it as this is an open beta.

Use recipes like hashtags

Launch your private web gui and choose recipe from the pulldown menu. In a future version of our software, we will provide graphics and description for each. In the meantime, please enjoy the beta recipes and experiment.  You can also manually type the recipe name in the input box like#rainbow

Adding prompts and commands in recipes

The “extras” field at the bottom of the page is for pros. In fact, we recommend that pros move their positive and negative prompts down to this field exclusively so that you can get everything executed in the order that you are expecting without any extra help.

In extras, you can add things like /parser:new /clipskip:2 /vass /freeu /size /nofix and so forth

Telegram Use

To see the names of recipes, type this in the chat:


This will display a list of recent recipes created by the community:

To use one, call it by name when rendering:

/render #punkpunk


Creating your own recipes

To create one and look at what each one does, visit this page


Important:  $prompt must be placed somewhere in the positive prompts (like in the figure below), or your text inputs will be ignored. You can move this variable anywhere the prompt.

For example, a positive prompt could be:  ((A realistic photograph of $prompt inside a refrigerator)).  You can nest more brackets to make the words more powerful, by about a multiple of 10% per pair.

The words added to the Trigger Term field will allow the recipe to be called when the word is used in /brew. (This feature is currently off during the beta period).

Some recipes are “closed source” meaning the creator has protected its contents. You can still use the recipe, though, as you know its name.

This feature is experimental and will change over the coming weeks. Please do experiment with it if you are feeling adventurous, some recipes are quite fun and surprising!