Brew and Render, what’s the difference?

There are two image creation commands: Brew and Render

Our easy mode is called “brew”.  It will add extra words in the background to make your image more beautiful. Brew is not made for precision, but Render is: If you don’t want extra words, skip ahead to the render tutorial video below.


/brew a tiger eating a chicken salad

And that concludes the /brew tutorial.

/brew a cool spaghetti monster etc.

Positive & Negative Prompts with Brew

You can also add and remove weight from words. (positive, works, like, this) and [negative, is, like, this]. You can also (((nest))) for more weight. Examples


If you’re reading this you probably already know something about Stable Diffusion and can probably read this, so instead do:

/render /sampler:ddim /guidance:7 /steps:more /seed:1234 a masterpiece big boob salad on a mountain (Henry Rollins, (((unicorns))), fire, cauldrons) [[ugly, disfigured, dorky, Lisa Frank]] <urpm>

Using a popular URPM prompt from the internet, we briefly touch on the basics of how to use seed, guidance, samplers, and guidance right from the chat bot, and then the web.

*where “myfav” is the 999 annoying high-quality “prompt engineering” words you never have type again, like predefining a macro for your negative prompts. So it’s actually fun to use on your mobile. And you can make whole loadouts with samplers, etc. to hot swap and change styles. Skip ahead to the render tutorial. Note: To turn Brew off on our website version, click the “advanced” link and the button will switch to MAKE.  Render and Make are the same thing.

You can also use Img2Img to create. This video shows you how


Boost detail, fix glitches, and pick from the distinct AI upscale modes using our facelift commands. Get near 4K resolution without getting twins or double heads

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