FAQ: I’m a pro account holder, and logged into my website with a password, but it still says free. Why?

🔥 Quick Fix:

  1. First, activate your account 
  2. Click website
  3. Click profile
  4. Click switch profile button
  5. Enter your email, send yourself a magic link 📧
  6. Tada!  Now you’re actually logged in. 🔑

🧐 But Why?

Answer: Accounts don’t have passwords

Gallery passwords are not logins, they’re for sharing art privately. To share with your friends. We added this as a safeguard for 18+ img2img content that is not easily detectable by our nsfw filter. It’s for everyone’s protection.

Your account is protected with 2-factor authentication by email. You have to send yourself a login email and that is how you login.  So you haven’t logged in yet, you are browsing your own site as a guest.

If your magic link email has more than 1 link, you may have created some guest accounts accidentally for yourself. Contact us by email or give @admin a shout in VIP support and we’ll fix it for you on the spot.

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