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Our overarching mission is to make AI less complicated.

There are many AI image makers, but for those in the know, their limitations are numerous. For the discerning AI enthusiast who wants more control, convenience, and customization on any device, our tools and communities are some of the best in the business. And we stand behind our products.

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Our values

We are deeply inspired by these things to pursue our vision of expanding the definition of what it means to be a creator and artist, and yet, there is an urban legend floating around that AI is anti-art.

Listen up. Artists are not going to be replaced by AI. Rather, artists stuck in the past are going to be replaced by Artists who are hyper-productive with AI.  

And for those that don’t, they’ll raise their prices and affix labels like “artisan, hand made”. We don’t buy the gloom and doom. Statistically, what can be measured easily is that the amount of art and interest in art has soared since the launch of Stable Diffusion, as well as the popularity, Twitter followers, and name recognition boosting for top artists featured in AI. The sky is hardly falling here, folks.

Just like office workers who refused to learn how to use computers saw their career opportunities shrink. AI is the next wave of computing. Companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and Google have also taken stance and are building better tools with AI. We’re on the same bus.

AI is a foundational, transformative technology. The time to learn AI is now.

Opt-Out?  Wrong company

We at Graydient are not crawling the internet for images, so we cannot opt you out of anything. You have the wrong company. Graydient does not make its own data models, we working with creators and other suppliers.

If you are looking to “opt-out” of trained AI images in general Stable Diffusion models, Stability AI recommends this opt out method.  If your photo was trained in a different model, you need to contact that model’s creator.

Graydient only hosts Stable Diffusion on the Cloud, and writes chat bot software.

And if you don’t think AI art is real art,
yeah, well, that’s just, like,
your opinion, man.

Content Safety

While we do offer an 18+ service, we have an extremely tough, zero tolerance for illicit activities. We log all queries and assign a risk factor to each prompt and user, to keep bad actors out. Check our privacy policy for more information. We cannot say it clearly enough:

Perps have zero chance, we will absolutely report you. Don’t even try it.

Our moderation team regularly scans and removes any content that appears to be created by an underage person, or contains photos of real children, or situations depicting children. We require credit card payments to access AI models that may contain adult content, preventing children to access it without an adult’s permission.

We want to build the strongest countermeasures, at every step of the way — from pre- prompt, to post-render, to moderation, to karma scores, all of it. AI can produce unpredictable results, and there are better ways to mitigate that being published everyday. We’re making the investment to have a top safety rating. We’re on the side of all applicable laws, regardless of region. 


Graydient AI is the brainchild of ModernMethod Inc., the technology collective founded Anthony Thomas Lackner, the CTO of DOT CO (as in the top level domain name .co) and published newspaper cartoonist and  journalist Yanier “Morgan Freeman” Gonzalez. Graydient has offices in the US and Japan.

Not our first rodeo

We build software that people love. Graydient is ModernMethod’s third joint venture, following the sale of gaming company Destructoid to NASDAQ:EGLX in 2016, and creating the technology that powered the Spanish search engine TeRespondo, which was sold to Yahoo.com in 2004. We’ve built over one hundred websites and services for airlines, hotels, and e-commerce.

Investor Opportunities

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The Copyright Office has recognized and registered works generated with the help of machines since Burrow-Giles Lithographic Co. v. Sarony. In Burrow-Giles, the Supreme 2 Court says that authorship “involves originating, making, producing, as the inventive or master mind, the thing which is to be protected,” and “the author is the [person] who really represents, creates, or gives effect to the idea, fancy, or imagination.”

AI artists work with our systems to incrementally get closer and closer to what they express, by typing out their thoughts, drawing shapes, and uploading modified sketches. This process very often requires multiple rounds of composition, selection, arrangement, cropping, and editing for each image for production work.

Thus, a creator’s efforts make them the author of the work, including authorship of each image in their works, using Graydient Platform and its creation spaces as an assisting instrument to their imagination. Works created by that process can thus be used commercially and copyrightable.

References: Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices (3d ed. 2021) at § 313.2, quoting U.S. Copyright Office, Report to the Librarian of Congress by the Register of Copyrights  (1966), U.S. 53, 4 S. Ct. 298 (1884).

Note: We have no relation/affiliation to Gradient the healthcare company, or the surveillance company, or other entities named Gradient for that matter. We’re Graydient with a Y, which rhymes with AI.