Abort what you’re rendering 


To see what the bot is working on, there are two status commands:


Ping shows you the latency between Telegram, the bot, and everyone’s render average time


Reply to an image to wipe it from Telegram.  (Only removes it from our DB, not your local device)


View your personal history within that channel. Does not expose the history of your private renders in group situations, it works on a per-channel basis, so it shows the things you did in that channel that everyone already saw. However, in the case of files too large to send to telegram or errors in prompts, and picking up your files via web browser, explained below:


You can start in Telegram and move to WebUI using the refine command


PirateDiffusion is integrated with Stable2go, a web client that shares the same Stable Diffusion API. Many of the commands are interoperable, so you can write PirateDiffussion shorthand codes in the positive prompt box as well. This command cannot be used in a group situation, it only be used when talking to your personal chat directly with @piratediffusion_bot.

The /refine

This link is like a password, so protect it. It that logs you in automatically into your account. Protect that link and bookmark it so that you’re logged in every time, all the time


The gallery command creates a web page of your images. You can set a password and pin to limit who can access it.

/community /password:none
/community /password:abc123

Please note that this password is NOT your account password. This is only for sharing images.