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If the product is not shown, it may be a community that is powered by Graydient software. We work with many kinds of creators that have customized additional software on top of Graydient products, so this may not be the right support site for you.

Please check that community’s website first, or chat with us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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For tutorials and videos: Web App features or Telegram App features

Telegram power users – PirateDiffusion Commands Cheat Sheet has information on upcoming commands not listed here yet.


I can’t activate my bot, who can help?

Please give us a shout in support. You don’t need to activate the bot to start making images, only to activate your private personal account. If someone is not available in support, please render in the groups in the meantime. We are available 24 hours a day but sometimes we are fighting wild animals, eating and/or pooping.

Why do I receive the message: “ehh… I don’t think I want to see that”? An age-verified PRO user will never see this message. Please make sure you are logged in, by clicking the link in your welcome email. Please contact support if you have upgraded and still see this error.

Can I use the images for commercial purposes?

You are free to use the images for any purpose including on websites, book covers, PDFs, etc. That said, your country may not allow the trademarking or patenting of AI-assisted goods. That does not stop you from selling your creations, though.

Are there any copyright issues with me using the images for a website?

The images that you create are royalty free without attribution, you can use them on your website.

Do I need to give credit or attribution to your website when using images?

No attribution or credit is required, but we do appreciate when it is given.

Can you save any rendered image in a bigger format?

PRO members can upscale their images beyond 4K using the Facelift tool.

Why are my images blue or jaggy?

Lower the guidance to 7 or lower until the image is in focus, and/or reduce the number of negative prompts. If you are using LoRAs, lower the weight of each LoRA to 0.2 and gradually increase them.

Are the images / prompts “Unique to me” or freely available for the rest of the community to edit or use?

Currently generated images can be used by anyone in the community regardless of who generates the image, they are royalty free.

Do you have an API?

Yes!  PirateDiffusion and Stable2go are built on the Graydient Platform API